Stepper motor controler, and DC motor controler

Hello I have a tic-t500 stepper motor controller, and I have a Nema size 8 stepper motor. My question is, can I run or control 2 Nema size 8 stepper motors from the tic-t500 ? if not is there a stepper motor controller that can operate 2 stepper motors ? Or is there a controllable slave or sub controller I can hook up to the tic-t500 ?


The Tic controllers can independently control a single stepper motor; we do not carry any stepper motor controllers that control two stepper motors independently. If you do not need independent control, you can connect multiple stepper motors in series or parallel to the Tic (as long as you appropriately account for the voltage or current needs in the chosen configuration).

If you do need independent control, you can use a second Tic. It is not clear to me which interface you’re using, but if you use the TTL Serial or I2C interface, you could control both Tics through a single bus by giving them unique device numbers. You can find more details about controlling multiple Tics like this in the “Setting up serial control” and “Setting up I2C control” sections of the Tic user’s guide. Please note that while using the TTL serial interface with multiple Tics, you will need an AND gate to receive data back from the Tics (as described in that “Setting up serial control” section of the guide).