Stepper motor circuitry

Stepper Motor: Unipolar/Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 57×56mm, 3.6V, 2 A/Phase

DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, High Current

i have bought above products from you.
The motor voltage rating says 3.6 V while the drive works from 8V to 45V for the motor supply. I am using a 12V, 10 Amps supply for motor pin in driver while logic 5v for other pins as per requirement. I have followed your provided datasheets and circuit diagrams, but that results in heating up both the motor and driver circuit while nothing works too(motor and driver both).
The issues I am having are:
1- what voltage should be provided to the driver for motor(V mot) as the motor rating says 3.6V?
2- What are polarities of the motor wires (e.g A-,A+,B-,B+ for which respective wire colour)?
3-If step pin is given 5V continuously, will the motor keep rotating?

please help me with detailed circuitry, as i am new to this but i really need it to work.

  1. Any voltage greater than 8 V or less than 45 V is OK. However, you MUST set the current limit to 1.5 amperes/phase (or less) as described in the documentation for the driver to avoid overheating the driver.

  2. Make sure that one winding is connected to the A outputs and the other winding is connected to the B outputs. The direction of rotation depends on which motor wire is connected to which output (+/-).

  3. You need to pulse the step pin between 0 and 5 V for each step. CAREFULLY read all the directions here:

What microcontroller are you using to control the motor, and what program?

I am using arduino uno’s basic stepper code for one revolution. But i am willing to use it for cnc lathe using grbl library.
I have got the driver work, but its heating up. What way should I limit the current?

CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW the directions on the product page.

I have done the connections, but when I upload the code in arduino for one revolution, it only revolve 1/4th of full revolution. why does that happen?

To what value did you set the motor driver current?

If the current is correct then most likely your program is wrong or you have enabled microstepping. If you post the code, using the “code” button and provide the details and/or a clear picture of the motor driver wiring, perhaps someone can help.