Stepper motor assistance

I have an IGT Price is Right slot wheel from 2001.

A friend of mine was able to get the lights to chase and the wheel to spin using a stepper motor controller. However, he is unable to make the wheel slow down or stop (aside from yanking the power). He says using the encoder, this will not be possible. I’m not trying to get this to work as part of the slot machine, rather just on it’s own.

I throw it out to people that know about this stuff more than me.

Is is possible? Or can you recommend another way to accomplish this?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Without knowing more about what is inside your wheel, it is probably going to be difficult for anyone to be able to make any suggestions on how to control it.

Since your friend is able to get the wheel to turn with a stepper motor controller, you might be able to use our stepper motor drivers for control. I recommend removing the stepper motor and looking for a unique product code or ID on it. If you search the Internet for that code, you might be able to find the specifications (e.g. rated current, operating voltage, etc.) for that stepper motor, and see if our stepper motor drivers are reasonable solutions for controlling it.