Stepper driver: best heat dissipation solution?


i have a 8825 stepper driver and i wonder what is the most efficient way to get away the heat?

i am new at this topic so i need recommendations which sort of thermal adhesive ist the best. it should also have a high fixing power. can you recommend one?

is it better to glue it on the side of the ic or on the exposed solderable ground pad on the bottom of the PCB? or even both sides?

i have a 20x5x2 cm aluminium socket buildt in my machine. which normally should be at room temperature or maybe 5 deg. C above. is it a good idea to directly solder it together with the solderable ground pad??


We have not characterized our stepper motor drivers with heat sinks, so we do not have any specific recommendations for adding them. However, I suspect adding heat sinks to both sides of the PCB to be better than adding a heat sink to a single side. As for connecting directly to your aluminum socket, I do not see an obvious reason that would not work. Just be sure the socket is not shorting together pins that should not be connected together. Also, you might try looking for advice on the RepRap website or forum.