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Step-Up Voltage Regulator U3V50AHV - Trimmer


Hello guys, I got a problem with my Step-Up Converter because the Trimmer to set the output voltage is broken. It was my fault that the trimmer doesn’t work any longer - maybe somebody could tell me how many Ohm I need for a new trimmer.

This would be awesome. And sorry if there are some mistakes because English is not my main language :wink:
Thank you



I am sorry your regulator got damaged. If the damage is just physical and not electrical, you can replace the potentiometer with another 100K 3mm SMD potentiometer. If the damage was electrical, you should keep in mind that other components might have been damaged in addition to the potentiometer.



Thank you for your help - it was a mechanical damage. I replaced it with a 50k potentiometer and it works fine. I think 50k is also ok or should I change it to 100k ?

Ty for your help :slight_smile:


Using the 50k potentiometer will shift the possible range of outputs up slightly, but it should probably be fine to use like that.



Thank you very much. I didn’t tried it long but it was not problem for me to adjust the voltage from 9V to 30V with the 50k Trimmer :wink:


What is the pin layout of the potentiometer used on the U3V50AHV?



The potentiometer has two leads on one side and only one lead on the opposite side. The lead on the side by itself is the “wiper” lead. The other two are the “fixed” leads. What are you planning to do with the potentiometer?



Thanks for the help Nathan!



I was going to experiment with replacing the existing potentiometer with a digital one so that the output voltage could be set digitally over an I2C interface.