Step Up/Step Down Regulators w/ Split (pos/neg) output?

Hello -

I really appreciate what everyone at Pololu is doing by keeping things going during this difficult time. I recently purchased some of your line of up/down voltage regulators and look forward to using them in my upcoming projects.

I would like to also take the opportunity to suggest the idea of offering one board that can provide the step up/down regulation while also providing a regulated symetrical negative output.

I am currently developing an Arduino-based signal generator and I plan to utilize a Pololu +5V up/down regulator board (S7V7F5) to power the Arduino from a battery source. There will then be a separate third-party board with a TC1044S chip to develop -5volts for the op amp negative rail.

I cannot use single supply in this design because my application works down to very low frequencies and is DC coupled throughout. Even though my op amp will not require a lot of current, I would think it would be more efficient if all of the regulation and polarity flipping functions could somehow be combined into a single chip solution. Even if this is not possible, having everything on one small board would still be a nice feature.

I don’t know if there would be enough interest for development of such a board at Pololu and certainly in the current situation R&D might not be top priority, but just wanted to put my 2 cents in about such an application, and would also like to hear if anyone else has similar interest or requirements for their projects and/or different approaches to this situation.


Hi, Dave.

Thanks for the suggestion! We actually do have plans to make an inverter board for cases like yours where a positive and negative rail are needed, though right now it is hard to say when might come out.