Step-Down Voltage Regulator D24V10F12


i have buy a Step-Down regulator for my 24V charger. I will using the regulator for an 12V 0,24A brushless fan. I have connected the 3 wires: Vin, Vout and GND. But i do not have 12V output on the regulator.
It is said here, that only 3 wires are required. ??? How is this activated ??? -_-

Many thanks for helping and sorry for my bad englisch. -_-


Could you try removing your motor and anything else connected to the regulator’s output and just using a multimiter to measure the output voltage? Also, please post pictures of your setup that show all connections including solder joints.


Hello and many thanks for the reply. Yes i have measure with and without fan and i have 0V output.

I send next time a picture.

When you can post pictures, those will be helpful. Also, could you post a datasheet or other documentation for your motor? Did the regulator ever work for you? Did you try testing it before connecting it to your motor?