Step down D15V35F5S3 - is this stupid?


Would like some expert advice on a design using D15V35F5S3 step down.

I’m looking at powering 3 meters of led tape that requires 6a 5v at it’s max e.g. when all led’s are at full power. I will not be running max power all the time. I suspect average draw will be about 2a or lower.

My project is space constrained and enclosed. I will be powering from lithium or nimh batteries. I’m looking at the D15V35F5S3 (3.5a) and the D15V70F5S3 (7a) step down regulators. Since I am both worried about heat and would like to use the smallest component possible I am wondering about the feasibility of running 2 of the 3.5a parts pulling off the same cells, but perhaps feeding power to opposite ends of the LED strip. I’m told that powering both ends of the LED strip can actually help the performance of these strips. What I am wondering is if doing something like this is reasonable, smart or just idiotic. What I am thinking (based on not knowing much in this area) is that by using two of these instead of a single 7a unit I am reducing the heat generated in one location of my project, balancing the power needs and using a part that fits a bit better.

Any advice is appreciated. Also, if anyone can recommend better solutions I’m all ears.



Using a regulator to power each end should be okay.

- Ryan