Step down 5v not powering board

I am trying to use the fixed voltage regulator d24v50f5 (5v, 5a) to power a computer board similar to a raspberry pi (UP board). As a test I am using a 19V laptop power supply as input, the voltmeter readout on output is 4,8-4,9V. The board doesnt boot when power is connected from the module, the led turns on but nothing else happens.
I am guessing the voltage is a bit too low, since the suppied 5v power supply for the board delivers 5,2v on my voltmeter.
Is there any way to tune the d24v50f5 to get a bit higher voltage?
If not what other solution could I use, that delivers at least 3.5 Amp?
Thanks in advance

Just solved it myself. In case someone is having a similar problem: I reduced the wirelength between the regulator and voltage input pins of the board down to about 5cm and now its working fine. Must have been a very small voltage missing.

Hi, Stan.

I am glad you solved your issue. Just in case, I can still let you know how to adjust the output voltage of that regulator. Note, that the output voltage should only be adjusted by very small amounts since the stability and performance are not guaranteed and you could damage components that are not rated for higher voltages (like a 6.3V capacitor). For example, changing the output to 5.2V is okay, but going to 7.5V would definitely not be okay.

The output voltage is set by two resistors Rtop and Rbot that are currently populated with 16.2k and 3.09k respectively:

Vout = 0.8 * (1 + Rtop/Rbot)

I recommend using resistor values close to those already on the board.


Hi Claire,
thanks anyways for your reply. The d24v50f5 is a really great regulator I must say.