Std library support for X2

I am attempting to use several container classes from the std library, such as the map and vector. I am not having much success in Atmel Studio 6.1 yet.

Is there a guide or something someone can point me to in order to get the proper libraries setup to get this working? I’ve found the following out there for Arduino support, but it’s not clear how I can use it for programming my X2. … /

My project is all in C++ and I am using classes. To progress further & faster however I would like to utilize some of the data types and functions the std lib provides.

I am on Windows, and using Atmel Studio 6.1. But I am not opposed to changing up the tool chain if there is an easier way to get this working.


Hello, Steve.

It looks like the C++ toolchain in Atmel Studio does not include the standard template library (STL). You might find some useful information in this thread at

- Jeremy

Thanks for the information Jeremy, I will go take a look at his solution and give it a try.