Starting zumo with Linux Arduino IDE

How do i get the zumo robot with arduino leonardo on linux ARDUINO IDE to do anything…firstly, which board do i choose, i persume leonardo, or robot, or…, but none work - it seems it doesn’t recognise com1 (usb1) even though when connected it “says” leonardo on tty/tty0, then when compiling, OK, when upload, then , doesnt recognise “leonardo” on com1…

tnx Boris


You should verify that your Leonardo is working correctly before trying it with the Zumo (e.g. run some example sketches, like blinking the on board LED). I am not entirely sure what it is you are saying, but it sounds like the Leonardo is being recognized by your computer, but you cannot upload your sketch to the board. So, you should try selecting the right COM port in the Ports menu.


If you’re saying my English is not perfect, please specify word by word, where?
Second, how can you try sketches if the stupid device doesn’t find its com. port?.
Third, there is no option for port in Arduino IDE.

You have to specify which port the Leonardo is connected to in order for the Arduino IDE to successfully upload to it. When I mentioned Ports in my previous post, I was referring to the “Serial Port” menu, which can be found inside the “Tools” menu. Do you see the “Serial Port” menu? What ports are listed in that menu? You have to click on one of those ports in order to tell the Arduino IDE to use it.

The Serial Port option under Tools is lighted out (rendered not usable – i.e. can’t get to it with mouse as is lighter than the other options it just “sits” there…

Compiling allways goes well and is fine.

UPLOAD is the problem:
The messaGE READS:
“see attached badly rendered image file”

Still, using board: leonardo, even though it is in fact zumo robot with leonardo platform stuck to its bottom (read: “digital pretty but useless Italian…” Is it from Torino, Milano, Fiat, Vennice or Trieste maybe???

However at the bottom of ARDUINO IDE GUI it allways reads:

see attachment2

I propose the following solution to the problem (which is poping up all over internet like mashrooms after rain, formulated a bit different to mine, such as usb cable b or a for zumo with leonardo, or zumo with uno won’t run on IDE, the problem seems to be ACM0…wouldn’t get into discussion on ACM0 for million Swiss Franks…, and similar!!!

Dear Sir.
Write a letter to Your Programming HQ (You can do that, I persume, being an Arduino employee)
Dear Sir/Madam;
Can You do a patch to ARDUINO IDE to include Zumo robot with leonardo and zumo robot with uno as 2 new board choices.
A good programmer can do that in 20 minutes, just make sure he has fully assembeled robots with him, both!!!

I think this is the only way to start zumo – I am even loosing the impulsive wish to see it burning rubber after uploading some sketch with wheel s and motors…

Even though, I fully assembled the device from parts I ordered from Netwark14 They charged my transport fee 240 USD…I didn’t wanna pay, and returned it to Post HQ, however my sweet doughter rang them and requested to resend the package, i.e contributing somewhat with cash…etc…to cut a long story short, in instructions they have pictorial tricks making things appear upside down, once makimng me cut of the power plug from leonardo–neatly it shouldn’t make any probs (should it?) and the three welded things sticking high next to it…but when you plug it it lights up like all is fine and leonardo is not damaged just these two irrelevant things removed…then realised it sticks in the other way aroud and there wqas no need for thet crap to be done…sometimes we just in a hurry (bieliving the instructions which are full of intellect bugs) want to complete the thing especially if your welder is 5 mm thick and even though 60 Watt virtually useless for high precission work on these micro development platforms. So went to local Asian maRKET and got two 1/2 mm tip welders for 2 EURO. The 60 Watt is all powerfull and good looking, costing me 50 EURO, still uses lead-free solder to be used in electronics, what else so it is still an electronics solderer but sooooo thick - 5 milimeters, that covers three holes in leonardo. so i even managed to burn my self 3 times due to wrong instructions (pictures misleading) - why do they do that? and pretty and expensive shit for a solder tool. I have a bright blinking, working robot, despite all setbacks, but the software obviously needs a patch or are we going to chit chat for forums milenium, to find this out. NO, NO. NO, if you think you have a solution go ahead thats why I posted the question - I want to see it running not just red/blue led sparkling bright alight.

So, the letter requesting a patch to be made available for ubuntu Germany server (uniBerlin or Berlin something) 13.10 version or SuSE which sadly has none of ARDUINO IDE versions in its repositories, so being a good guy I also give you this information to pass onto SuSE so we can have it on this distro too.

When writing mention Boris from

and give my opinion that zumo seems to be a surprise for all-set other side of robotics, like that 289 EURO Robot Arduino which looks kool on videos. I bet this one can recognise its port, but budget robots can’t. Not so good for FSF Linux and so on…

or let us continue discussion.

One question, has anyone built zumo, used Linux Arduino IDE to run it succsessfully all on their end-user-own? Bet, No??!!!

Tnx, Boris

The Arduino IDE does not need to know that the Leonardo is connecting to the Zumo in order to upload sketches. As I mentioned before, you should verify that the Leonardo is working correctly with the Arduino IDE before adding the Zumo to your project. You might try pressing the reset button to get into bootloader mode. More information about that can be found here.

If that does not work, I recommend checking or posting to the Arduino forum.


I’ve been doing resetting, of course, no success. So I thought, maybe adjust avrdude file and enter dev/ttyACM0 instead what ever it specifies for port: dev/parport0 perhaps?

What do You think of that?

By the way, you mentioned ENTERING bootloader MODE? I found no way to do that. Pressing reset doesn’t give any “blink” to show it has been done. The LEDs remain, no sound, no print output. No burning boot works, or changing quote “Programmer” i.e. Arduino ISP (is that internet service provider shortcut, believe not…, and others such as “Parallel Programmer”.

Avrdude file seems to be of importance…will go change port specs. there!


Really, what are we supposed to manage this device with a shield not recognized by Arduino IDE. I tested Leonardo, when bare, all you can do is “basics” eg. blink, ping etc…, HOWEVER it responds to all simple sketches the same…i.e. blinks the same…thats not fulfilling, nor the fact that you actually know zumo does not work on Arduino IDE, even if I change the comm. port in avrdude.conf, which I cannot do until I re-install as root, which for some reason I didn’t wish at last install of Ubuntu 13.11 - why…only God knows???

HMM, any suggestions, beside luring forums like some some…some hopeful soul which hardly can we be…you see that stuff in movies - too kool to live too hot to die…to sexy for my robot - it just missed that last scrape of goodness in me to give it affection, so it is too cool to do anything…useless Italian!!! PERHAPS.

God Save, I cut things off it namely, ICSP and Power socket…due to those translators (by the way from which language?) playing around with pictures in instructions - not my fault.

Hopefully this means nothing, the board blinks even if it blinks to all sketches all the same way. I once stepped on my hi fi main board and broke a piece of it off. Of course welded the thing (soldered) back, a piece of 5 cm in diameter. When it broke it couldn’t play music. When I stuck it back (its enough sometimes if the PCB is simple enough to weld the wires and the green matter seems to be support only in those older things. Now they have wires and transistors within the board. It would hardly work these days, in 1998 it did.