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Starlite: Displays Moving Patterns of Color

Starlite is a 6 or 8-point star which displays numerous light patterns using a simple instruction set. One is able to control and create unique patterns by following the provided directions. Additional directions and code are available to anyone interested in learning about coding an FPGA in a Hardware Description Language.
Starlite video intro & patterns

Project location

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Hello, ggrummer.

Thank you for sharing; those look great! Your documentation is also very thorough and clear. You can definitely tell you’ve put a lot of care into it. I might have to try to find some time to make some of these before the holidays!


Enjoy. I’ve heard good feedback from those who have them. I hope the geekier folks who build them will make their own patterns. I thought maybe an old fashioned radar screen with a missile coming in or maybe a spinning propeller would work well.

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