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Standard servo mounting block and 6001HB

These two items are supposed to be compatible, but I measure 16.9mm between the servo mounting tabs and the wires, but 19.1mm on the narrowest part of the bracket. Did a batch come in that were slightly off? I can’t find a dimensioned drawing to reference but I don’t think these go together.

The height and depth are a great match, but this 6001HB doesn’t fit in the bracket without damaging the wires. I can send pics if needed to clarify where the bracket and servo do not fit together.


It sounds like you are referring to our Mounting Bracket for Standard-Size Servos. Unfortunately, we have seen issues before with servo manufacturer’s making changes to their servos without any warnings, and it seems like that might be the case here too with regards to where the wires comes out. I tried it with a Power HD 6001HB servo we have here and it looks like it is pretty close to working, so you might be able to modify the bracket by sanding it down or cutting a little piece out for the wires with a rotary tool.


I will try that when I get some time. I know you guys don’t do returns or I would ask how to return these things.

Will you update your website to warn people that the mounting blocks don’t always work out of the box and may require modification? You don’t allow reviews so there isn’t a way for customers to contribute info (outside of the forum), which is why I ask.

We do accept returns (with some restrictions) in cases where customers requirements change and they no longer need what they ordered. Your case is not that: you placed an order based on what our website said would work, and that ended up being wrong. Please email us with your order information and we’ll make things right.

As for your second question, that’s definitely the kind of information that should be prominently on the product page itself rather than relegated to comments; we are working on editing the product pages to clarify the issue and have started checking the other similar servos we have in stock to ensure those have not changed.


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