Stall current for actuators

Regarding your linear actuators, for example LACT2P-12V-20, the specs say the “stall current” is 10 amps.

What does “stall” mean here?

If the actuator is mounted vertically, business end up, supporting a 10 pound load, if the actuator is not moving then you might say it is “stalled.” On the other hand because of the large gear reduction it can support the load in a stationary position with no current at all.


Stall current is a specification of the actuator’s DC motor. It is the current the motor will draw when supplied with the rated voltage while held fixed. A motor will typically draw close to its stall current when given full power from rest, so this is a good spec to keep in mind when constructing your system, even if you don’t plan on stalling the motor.

- Ben

Oh, by the way, I should mention that the stall current listed for our Concentric linear actuators was extrapolated from a measurement taken at a much lower voltage (stall current varies approximately linearly with voltage). Stalling the actuator at 12 V would likely take more force than it is rated for and could damage the actuator.

- Ben