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Stainless finish


Ideally I would like to get some 1/32 aluminum cut, but I get the reasons why you can’t provide that. Can you cut 1/32 steel? What is the finish like (do you have any pictures?) and how does the rigidity compare with aluminum of the same thickness?

It would be simpler to just use the brushed-aluminum acrylic, but I figure I would have to go with 1/8 and that would require me to rework a lot of the design, which is from a third party.



Yes, we can cut stainless steel up to 0.060". We do not stock 1/32″ steel but can special order it through various suppliers like McMaster-Carr. Their 1/32″ sheets are available with an unpolished (#2B) finish and their closest brushed-finish option is 0.030".

This page has a photo of some different stainless steel finishes and some additional information about each finish:

I do not have much hands-on experience with aluminum, but I suspect that the rigidity will differ depending on the alloy. Stainless steel is a harder material so I expect it would be more rigid than aluminum of the same thickness.

I hope this helps!