Stable 6V output from S18V20ALV voltage regulator?


I’m working on a project that incorporates a number of servo motors. Their operating range are either 4.8-6V or 6-7.4V.
I want to know of this regulator will be able to provide a stable 6V and 7.4V output (using two of them, depending on the motor).
I’m using a 22.2V (6S LiPo) battery.

I saw that your S18V20F6 had a deviation of up to 4%, so I am wondering if this one will bring the voltage closer to my desired voltages.
I need a very stable output voltage because I need to know the time it takes for the motors to rotate say 60 degrees.

Sorry for the messy post, so to sum it up: how stable is this voltage regulator when you set the output to 6V and 7.4V respectively?

Thank you - dreh

Hi, dreh.

If you need the accuracy, then using an adjustable regulator to dial in the voltage might be better. However, there will still be some noise on the output voltage. The noise level will depend a lot on how much current the load is drawing.

If your application requires accurate timing or positioning, you might consider implementing an encoder or some other kind of feedback system. If you tell me more about your application and what you are trying to accomplish, I might be able to give you better suggestions.

- Jeremy