Stable 6V mobile power supply


I’m working on a project which involves 4 sensors, each of which need a very stable 6.0±0.2 VDC mobile power supply. I’m pretty new to electronics but I’m thinking I can just use a rechargable battery with a step-up or step-down voltage regulator but I don’t know how stable the output voltage will be. The output of the sensors I’m using are very sensitive to noise so I need to be careful.

Does anyone have any suggestions or any experience with this?


If the sensors draw a constant amount of current, any of the voltage regulators will be extremely stable. You will need one of the adjustable ones (because 6.0 V is not a standard value), step up or down or up/down depending on your battery voltage. Of course you will need some way of monitoring the battery voltage, because there are limits an what the regulators can do, and providing power from a dead battery is not one of them!

To minimize electrical noise use a couple of capacitors in parallel (0.1 uF and 10 uF) on the output of the regulator. The reason to use two is that the larger capacitors are poor at reducing high frequency noise and vice versa.