Stabilized compass with the MimIMU v3

Hello you all,

in order to build a wearable interface which needs a compass, I have recently bought theMimIMU-9 v3 from your website. I installed all the reference libraries, namingly the L3G and the LSM303 Arduino libraries, and they compile fine. The problem now is:

The heading outputs simply are not invariant… the actual compass value seems to be alright, but it’s not invariant to roll or tilt movements. I’m really confused now, because this is why we bought the sensor and it actually says the code would do that.

Does anyone have any kind of idea why my heading is breaking from the slightest roll/tilt movement and knows how to fix it?

Any help would be much appreciated,


All sensors are noisy and you cannot expect the output of any data processing to be “invariant”, so it isn’t clear what you mean by the term. Post some sample output showing the problem as you see it, describing what you did to produce that output.