Stability of U3V12F9 under low load


Can you please tell me the stability and output noise level of the U3V12F9 step up voltage regulator under low load (~10 mA).



We do not have ratings for the stability or noise of that regulator, but I would expect it to output a stable voltage at any load that it can handle (though the output voltage at full-load will probably be up to a few hundred millivolts lower than the output at no-load). The noise will depend on several factors in your setup, but at that small a load, I would expect it to be around a few tens of millivolts.


Hi Claire,

We tested the U3V12F9 regulator and found is produced a lot of conductive and radiative noise in the 10’s of MHz range when under load. This makes it no good in our application. We also tested U1V11F5 and it past our test and will be used in our product. Our problem now is to find a 9V step-up regulator that has low RF noise. Can the technology in U1V11F5 be used to produce 9V (with order quantity 250 pcs)? We have not test any of the other 9V step up regulators in your range yet. Perhaps you could suggest which items we should consider please.



Unfortunately, the maximum output voltage for the IC used on our U1V11F5 regulator is 5.5V, so we would not be able to make a 9V version. We have not characterized the RF noise of our regulators, so I am not sure which ones might work for you.