SR04, Sonar, what are the options?

Hi guys, I’m a programmer, and let’s say I’m ok in Electronics to do basic stuff. I’m trying to achieve to have a sensor in a bowling lane, pass me a singal every time a ball passes trough the sensor ( distance doesnt matter but it cannot exceed how wide the lane is. prone to detect the other lane if this happens ). I’ve read about SR04 with a Raspberry or a MaxSonar using USB to a Pc, the thing is i got to be able to know when a ball or for that matter any other object breaks the beam or singal and I want to be sure that I’m pointing the right way as I’m clueless with so many types of sensors.


Well, after some research i’ve seen that i will start my testing with an Arduino Uno plus Two HcSr04 to try to detect a ball go trough as all the reflective sensors I see are for distances only reaching as long a 10 cm. Still looking for some advice as I wait for my Arduino to arrive.


You might consider using a break-beam sensor like Adafuit’s Laser Break Beam Sensor instead of the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor, which is more intended for that kind of sensing.

- Amanda