SPI connection on Zumo shield

Hi. the zumo shield took pins such as 9,10 for motor control so is it still okay to use SPI connection for sensor and such on the shield. Thank you.


In a previous post you mentioned using an A-Star 32U4 Prime with a Zumo shield. Are you still using the A-Star Prime? If so, the SPI pins on the ISP header are not connected to the rest of the digital pins like they are on an Arduino UNO (the A-Star 32U4 boards are more similar to the Arduino Leonardo).

By the way, you can find a diagram with the pinout for the board in the “A-Star 32U4 Prime pinout and components” section of the “A-Star 32U4 User’s Guide”, which is linked to on the “Resources” tab of the board’s product page.