SPI and VNH5019

I recently purchased the VNH5019 Motor Driver shield. Works perfectly.
With the VNH5019 i’m also using IC’s that use SPI bus pins 10, 11, 12 and 13. Any advices on this before i try ?



Do you actually need to use the slave-select (SS) pin? If not, the modifications required would be pretty minimal: disconnect the M2EN/DIAG pin from Arduino pin 12, and optionally connect it to a different Arduino pin if you are interested in monitoring the driver for faults.

If you do need to use the SS pin, you will also need to remap the M2PWM pin to another of the Arduino’s “analog” outputs, such as pin 3, and you will need to modify the library code to use analogWrite() to generate the motor-speed PWMs, as the library’s hard-coded 20 kHz PWM outputs on timer 1 will no longer work for your new configuration.

- Ben

No SS pin. :smiley: Thanks for the quick reply.