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Spektrum A370 Compatible

I had to purchase a new wing for an Eflite Turbo Timber Evolution. I didn’t realize they didn’t come with Servos for the flaps and ailerons. I fixed the wings I have but I want to use the new wings without the spoilers to make it faster and most maneuverable. Here is my issue. The Spektrum Servos are $19.95 a piece so I need to spend another $80 bucks for the new wings on tops of the $80 I just spent for the wings itself. What is a compatible servo. I have no idea what I am looking for. I would like to find something cheaper.


Do you know what specific Spectrum servos the wing uses (i.e. their model number)? If so, you should be able to look up the specs for that and compare it to the specs for our servos to see if any are appropriate.

Please keep in mind, there is no universal standard for hobby servo hardware, sizes, or electronics, so you probably are not going to find a perfect drop-in replacement. If you want to use different servos, you should probably be prepared to make modifications to your hardware and recalibrate your controls.

- Patrick