Speeddifference of the 3pi Robot

I have build a 3pi robot with 2 Micro Metal Gearmotors 30:1 and the
Orangutan LV-168.
The speed by a same program on the 3pi Robot and the own build robot
wiht the LV-168 is not the same.The 3pi Robot is mutch faster.
Is the clock-frequentie different?
How can i make the speed of both the same?

The processor’s clock frequency has little effect on the movement speed of the robot, and both the 3pi and LV-168 have a 20 MHz clock, so that doesn’t account for the speed difference.

The movement speed of a robot is determined by many different factors, such as:
-The voltage applied to the motors.
-Air resistance caused by the shape of the robot’s body.

I think the biggest issue for you is the voltage. The 3pi robot has a unique power system that runs the motors at a constant 9.25 V independent of the battery charge level. What kind of power setup do you have on your LV-168 bot?


Hi David,
thanks for the replay.Yes i see that the voltage is the problem.I am using 4 cels of 1.2 volt for the LV-168.