Speed & Power

I am making a line follower robot with 5 Channel IR Sensor, Arduino Uno/Nano, L293D two motor driver, and two BO DC (Yellow 300 RPM Motors). I want the power source to be rechargeable. I want to use a powerbank so that the robot will have a longer running life as well as charge easily. I also tried one (5V output), but the wheel starts rotating when I give them a start with my hand as well as the robot stuck even by a tiny dust stone. Please, help me to know how much current and voltage I need to get a good speed and power.


It sounds like either your motors or your battery are underpowered for your robot (or possibly both). Ultimately, your battery and motor requirements depend on your goals and specific details for your setup, but we have some blog posts that might help you better assess your requirements. This Force and torque blog post has information you can use to figure out if your motor is powerful enough for your application. To evaluate your battery, you might look at this Understanding battery capacity: Ah is not A blog post.

- Patrick

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