Speed control question

new to the site but seems like this could be a site that can answer a question i have

I am trying to determine what i need to add to my set up of a small dc motor / speed controller so that with the motor will operate consistently at slower rpms of around 50-100

I have a gs electric 2.25 hp dc treadmill motor ( 130 vdc / 6200 rpm. / Ff 1.0.
/ 18 amps ). Along with a speed controller I believe a mc60.

When I connect them the speed controller does work but only at higher rpms. It will not allow me to operate it at a slower and consistent speed. It may do it for a few seconds then it jumps up to a very high rpm on its own.

i appreciate any help thanks

have you tried just lowering the power source voltage to it? That should slow it down.

Also, not sure if the motor is geared, but an ungeared motor generally tends to spin very fast, and getting something in that low of a range is often difficult to maintain.