Speed and acceleration data reset

Hello, I have just started to experiment with my Pololu Maestro 18ch board and I have managed to get my 5 rc servos moving as I would like, +/- and bit of final tweaking on timing.

I have been following the very helpful youtube video posted by Pololu which has been all good so far, but when i create script and apply settings the sequence operates but resets all speed and acceleration data to ‘0’ thus everything moved too quickly.

I am obviously missing something in creating the script so that the sequence runs as previously timed.

I would appreciate your advice please.

Many thanks Paul

How are you setting the speed and acceleration limits? It sounds like you might be setting them in the “Status” tab of the Maestro Control Center; if so, please note that these are essentially lost when the device resets. If you want the speed and acceleration settings to persist, you should set them in the “Channel Settings” tab instead.

You can think of the speed and acceleration settings in the “Channel Settings” tab like a default that gets applied whenever the Maestro is power cycled or reset. When you change the settings in the “Status” tab (or in a script), it is essentially a temporary override.

If you continue having problems with it, could you describe what you are doing and post a copy of your Maestro settings file? You can save a copy of your settings file form the “File” drop-down of the Maestro Control Center.


Thank you for your reply @BrandonM I figured this out after a flicking through the tabs and noticed another place I could entry this data. I noted that all of the setting in these fields were still zero, so despite not really understanding why, I re-entered the data and it worked and retained the information, but it was hugely frustrating having repeatedly followed the demo video many times and not understanding why the data I was entering would not be remembered. Perhaps it’s obvious to some may be many but not to me.