Speed and acceleration being lost in frame


I just got a micro maestro and i’m excited to use it. I’m having a problem with the control center application.

On the status window I can click “save frame” which is great, but it seems it loses speed and acceleration. I understand I can manually add those between frames in the script but it seems to reason that if I have entered those on the “status” screen I would expect those to copy to the script when I click “save frame”.

Is there a way to make this happen? Or do I need to manually set speed and acceleration in the script?



The Maestro has two speed and two acceleration settings for each channel. The settings adjusted in the “Channel Settings” tab are non-volatile, so they will persist through power cycles, and they apply automatically when the Maestro is powered on. The other settings (set in the “Status” tab) are volatile, so they can be changed on-the-fly and take priority over the default speed set in the “Channel Settings” tab. The sequencer does not save either of these speed settings for each frame; however, the speed setting currently configured for each channel will apply to any movements of the servo on that channel. More details about this can be found in my posts in this forum thread.

You can set the speed or acceleration in the “Channel Settings” tab if you do you need to change them throughout your sequence, but if you need the speed or acceleration of a servo to change between subsequent movements in your sequence, you will need to convert your sequence to a script and add the appropriate speed/acceleration commands.