Speed/acceleration formula clarification

I am running a 6 channel Micro Maestro controller and I’m experimenting with the advanced pulse control. I have read the Pololu Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide section 4.e. Channel Settings. I see that there are some formulas for speed and acceleration and I was wondering if these stay the same no matter what the pulse rate is set to. I see that on controllers with more channels the period correlates the speed/acceleration values with a provided formula. Another question I have, is the table in that section under (Advanced Pulse Control Options Are Available: Period); only refer to the controllers with more channels, or does it apply to the Micro 6 channel also? And if you have any clearer formulas that you could share, please do so.

Thank you!


You can change the period on the 6-channel micro Maestro, which will change the pulse rate, but doing so will not change the units of speed or acceleration. Since those units do not change, the table you are referring to does not apply to the micro Maestro 6-channel.


That’s what I thought. Thank you for the clarification!