Sparky(Assistive Companion)

Hello to everyone out there.
I have been working on a robot called sparky(Assistive Companion).
Sparky is completely my design from the software to the fabrication.
Sparky is able to detect objects and walls and move around them.
While he is doing this a log is recorded of his movements so he can map each room or area he has been.
Sparky also has a unique entertainment factor as he can dance to music.
Currently these are the only two features that are active and working.
I have designed a speech recognition engine for him and he can also talk.
I have also designed a facial recognition for him.
I have also designed a AI engine for him and he will be able to carry on intelligent conversation.
Currently I am working on designing the his arms so that he can pick thing up and vacuum the floor with a small dust buster.
My plans for Sparky are for him to be able to help/entertain the disabled and elderly.
Sparky uses the Micro Maestro 6 channel controller but when finished will be using the 12 channel.
I look forward to hearing from everyone and hopefully I can be of help in your projects.
Thank you all for taking the time to view this.
you can also view a video of Sparky doing him navigation and dancing by visiting the below link.


Great robot! Thank you for sharing with us. Do you have a write-up about your project posted somewhere? If not, we would be interested to know if you used anything else from us besides the Maestro.

- Amanda

The only part that was used from Pololu was the Micro Maestro 6 channel.
The majority of the work is being done in my software that I designed.
All the software is designed in VB6.
I will be converting the code over to .net eventually.