Soldering, Baby

Nothing vexes me more than my eternal search for a soldering connection that is strong. I have kits that I have not assembled due to the tiny amount of solder needed on a very crowded circuit board. If the flux/solder ran over to the neighboring terminal the whole project would be junk. I ordered two Jrk 21v USB Motor Controllers from this fine establishment, one fully assembled and one not fully assembled and I had to laugh at myself as I could never solder that fine. Or can I? Is there a product or method that I’m not aware of that would allow me to solder the “pin group” (for want of the correct term) to the circuit board? I cannot imagine, at this point anyway, me with a magnifying glass and fine point soldering iron soldering each terminal. I assume Pololu wouldn’t sell partially disassembled circuit boards that required special machinery to solder. I’ve seen video on how mother boards are soldered by dipping the entire board into a pan of molten solder. The soldering on my fully assembled Jrk 21v is incredible and i would be suprised if it was done by hand. Much obliged to any help that anyone may afford.


The connector-free Pololu Jrk 21v3 USB Motor Controller with Feedback ships as shown in the main product picture:

All the surface mount components are soldered in, so the only things you would need to solder are the 0.1"-spaced header pins (included) and the 3.5mm terminal blocks (included). The spacing between the pins is one tenth of an inch, and it doesn’t require any particularly special equipment. If your vision is good enough to generally read fine print, you shouldn’t need a magnifying glass.