Software help (newb)

Well me and two of my friends are going to build a robot and need help since we have never done this before. I was wondering, does it matter what type of scripting you use? Also, does anyone know anywhere I can find how to build a robot that can avoid walls. I’m not going to copy it I just need to see how the parts and programming needs to be.

The programming language or languages you can use depend on the kind of microcontroller you want to use. Do you have experience in any particular programming language? Simple obstacle avoiding robots can be made with all analog components too, so you don’t even necessarily need to write a program to begin with. See your other thread for links to some simple obstacle avoiding robot kits.

Good luck!


hey thanks for the help i appreciate it. i do have a little experience in C# i was making a game but that seems like how the programs needed to built would be totally different. is there a language that works better than others or is better for a beginner?

It’s not so much that one language is better than another, programs for microcontrollers can be written in many languages depending on the compilers available for a given type (none directly in C# that I’m aware of), but programming experience in any language is much better than none. The fewer things you have to learn at once, the better!


Yea thats true.
hey do you work at NASA. I’m guessing from the picture you have with the robot or statue with the NASA logo on the front.

I wish! My wife did an internship at a Nasa research lab, but it was on an air force base and they wouldn’t let me past the front security gate!

That is me with Robonaut though, or rather a life-size mockup at the 2005 International Robots & Vision Show. My understanding was that they had been planing on bringing a real Robonaut prototype to demonstrate, with a bunch of support equipment, but it was about a month after hurricane Katrina and there were much better things for large shipping trucks to be doing down around Houston.


I was just figured you did because of the NASA thing on it. Also, because i was hoping to get into NASA later in life(only 13) and thought it would be cool to talk to a someone from NASA. Another reason that i thought you did is that you sounded so professional in all the replys.


Hey, any idea what you would want to do for NASA? The space shuttle fleet is being decommissioned soon, but they’re finally working on replacement vehicles now, and there are going to be tonnes of robotic (and hopefully manned) missions in the meantime, so now could be a really good time to get into the field.


Honestly I’m not sure I’m interested in a lot of sciences, but I’m not in college yet and it will be about 6 years until college. I may be way smart for my age but I’m not that smart yet. In case you didn’t notice in my last post i am only thirteen years old. I’m not sure if NASA does any full or even partial interacting with 13 year olds with the advanced stuff.

Actually I think most of the NASA research labs (like Ames in California, Glenn in Ohio, Langley in Virginia, and more I’m sure but those pop into my head) do offer summer programs for teenagers. Anyway, you’ve got plenty of time to figure out what you want to do.

I’m curious though, what made you and your friends decide you wanted to build a robot?


Well it was my idea, I had a project to do in keyboarding to make a slide show of pictures of somewhere you wanted to visit. I picked japan and was looking for images on Google and saw a picture of a robot. I started looking up robots and they just seemed so cool that i wanted to build one and i knew i had the mental capability required so why not? I told them they agreed and we started thinking up ideas.


If you’re somewhat comfortable with C#, you might consider getting your feet wet by first making a PC-controlled robot. You could write a C# program to be the brains of your robot and run it on your PC, laptop, or pocket PC. This program would send serial commands to a serial motor or servo controller that would in turn drive your robot. You can find an example of such a C# program here (see customer project #1).

- Ben

Thanks but i would rather build a robot that does stuff on its own. Besides I’m not “comfortable” with C# i have just used it before i am “comfortable” with most computer languages.