First project

I am really new at robotics and me and two friends wanted to build an O.K. robot. We wanted it to be a sphereically shaped, have three wheels, and be able to avoid objects. Can any one give me a little advise on where to start and how to do the hardware?


If you’re just getting started you might want to start with a kit, and figure out the internals of that, rather than trying to build something from scratch. The iBOTZ MR-1001 Soundtracker or the iBOTZ MR-1005 Tribotz look a lot like the robot you’re describing. They’re both all analog, so there is no programming involved.

If you want to jump in a little deeper and add a microcontroller to the mix, there are two examples of simple obstacle avoiding robots on the Pololu resources page. This one uses a PIC microcontroller, as well as a motor driver, motors, gearbox, chassis, and wheels from Pololu. This one uses a Basic Stamp microcontroller (good for beginners) a Pololu motor controller, and legos. If you want to you can mix and match the two projects.


Once again thank you these will really help me under stand the basics that will help when we build the one from scratch. I am a fast learner so it wont be ling before im posting for more help with “eggplant” (i’m not sure why thats what we are naming it but they thought it would be good and i was out voted)

When you want to make the jump to a programmable microcontroller-based robot you might also want to look at the Boe-Bot kit from Parallax. On the one hand, you have everything you need to get started building and programming a mobile robot with sensor feedback, and not just a manual, but a 360 page friendly textbook on how to use them. On the other hand, you’re really not just building a kit, you have a lot of options and tools presented to you and you can choose which to use and how.

Good luck with eggplant!


Thank you again. I’ll be sure to look at thins again once we get the other kits built and are starting on eggplant.