Soft Switch (2810) with Battery

I am working on my first project with a soft switch using the Pololu 2810 and 2811s. Are there any examples of people using them with a rechargeable battery? I know there is backward power protection, but I was wondering if it was bypass-able with some diodes.


Hello, Joe.

A diode could be used to bypass the switch, but it would be pretty inefficient. The robots that we develop at Pololu that use this type of switch circuit have the charger connection on the battery side of the switch. Can your charger be connected directly to the battery rather than through the switch? Could you give me more information about what you are trying to do? Could you post a schematic drawing of your proposed setup?


Thanks for the reply! I a using various ESP32 Dev boards which have battery charger circuits built in. I was installing your switch inline between the battery and the board. Adding a new charger on the other side of the switch really simplifies things. It is a bit more hardware but it might be the right answer. Can you think of a way to use the existing battery port and its charging circuit?



Once the power switch is turned on, the MOSFETs in the power path are open and will act like an ordinary wire. At that point, power can pass in either direction, so the simplest thing for you would probably be to turn on the switch and then connect your charging source if you are able to do so.


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