Socketing the 12v 15a regulator

hello everyone,
im looking into a project of mine to have a simple and reliable 12v regulator capable of high amps
the D24V150F12 matches perfectly

with that said im looking into socketing it into a pcb making it simple to replace in case of a fault,
having a safer and more reliable connection in relation to the screw terminal,
and having a smaller form factor

the big 5.08 are meant to house either a cable or the screw terminal, which both include cable coming out
but also are the better option to carry the current compared to the 2 2.54 pitch pins

im asking which do you think is the best option for a “board to board” option for this regulator

im looking in to pogo pins by mill-max but these carry only 8Amps

see here:

im more than grad to find a better option for anyone to share



Unfortunately, I do not have any specific recommendations for board-to-board connectors for that regulator with higher current capabilities. However, from a quick look at the two parts you linked to, it seems that the receptacle (in the second link) can handle up to 20A, and it might mate with rigid pins that would probably handle more current; it seems unnecessary to pair that type of receptacle with a spring-loaded pin (from your first link).

One less elegant option might be to solder some leads to the output with a connector that can plug into your PCB.