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SMC G2 with CAN bus

I’d like to see a DC motor controller with CAN bus coms. Have it possible to set up the device ID over usb along with any out bound message formats.

Sending a 2 or 3 byte message to the devices ID will set the direction and speed. Very similar to the current serial/uart coms spec. Also the ability to output Vin, Current, speed, ect as a preselected output message would alow for some monitoring of whats happening with the control board.

Thanks Ryan

Hi, Ryan.

Thanks for letting us know you are interested in a motor controller with CAN bus inputs. You might be interested in the MCP controllers that we carry from Basicmicro, which support the CAN bus through the CANOpen protocol.


I’ve looked at those. The price is a bit much compared to the SMC G2. And I don’t need that much current. The SMc has a lower operating voltage and meet my needs.