Smart Modular Watering System using Blynk

Using the SparkFun ESP8266 Blynk Board and a Pololu Basic SPDT 5VDC Relay I built a system that waters the plants automatically and monitors the level of the water reservoir and other sensors’ data with the Blynk app.

It will help you save water!

Smart Modular Watering System using Blynk - Youtube
English subtitles available / Subtítulos disponibles en Español

More Information

3-D printed parts, schematic, source code, pictures and detailed instructions available in the project page on

Also you can visit the Blynk Watering System repository on Github.

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Thanks for sharing your project with us! I like how well you documented your build and hosted useful files on commonly used sites, like and GitHub. Sharing those links definitely helps make it easier for us to share projects from our community. You can see our blog post about your project here: