Small Robots with Sub Micro Plastic Planetary Gear Motor

I made several products using Pololu “Sub Micro Plastic Planetary Gear Motor”. (#2357 and #2358)
This tiny geared motor stimulate my ideas a lot!

Product photo and details are these.

I will show these at Maker Fair Bay Area 2015.
Please visit if you have chance!!

Masahiro Mizuno


Those are some tiny tiny robots!! That control board is also rather awesome. are you planning on selling them?

Yes I like to but I do not know how exactly.
Hi Pololu guys, Could you help me to go manufacturing process?

Hello, Masahiro.

Our custom manufacturing is generally limited to customization of our existing products, but you could email us with more details to see if it’s something we could work on. We do not have experience with any contract manufacturers we could recommend.

- Ben

Hello Ben,

Thank you! I will contact you by email!!