Small Project: A4988 Support Board

A small project I worked on a while back.
I designed a support board to go with my A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier.
The PCB was designed using Eagle PCB Layout Editor.
Screw terminal (top) for stepper motor power supply, screw terminal (right) for stepper motor connection.
Pin header (bottom) for logic power supply, pin headers (left) for control.
Using jumpers the micro stepping mode can be selected as well as Reset and Sleep tied together for normal operation .
The fan is mounted on top for extra cooling.


That is a nice system! Thank you for sharing it with us. Can you tell us what effect the fan has on the A4988 carrier’s current handling?


Hello and thanks!

I preformed a few tests to check the temperature difference with the stepper motor still and the fan off, blowing away and blowing onto the carrier.

Stepper Motor Driver -> A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier (Black Edition) ->
Stepper Motor -> Sanyo pancake stepper motor (1A per coil) ->
Fan -> SUNON KDE1204PFS2-8 / 12V / 0.6W
VDD = 5V
VMOT = 12V
Current limiting set to 700mA at full step
Jumper set to quarter step mode
Room temp ~22°C (71.6F)
Stepper Motor Driver temp measured on top of the IC

Fan Off:
Temp ~ 45.5°C (113.9F)

Fan blowing up and away from the carrier:
Temp ~ 35.5°C (95.9F)

Fan blowing down and onto the the carrier:
Temp ~ 31.0°C (87.8F)

It’s not much but it is enough to keep me at ease :slight_smile: