Slowing down a motor

Hi all,

I new here and a total noob, with no formal electronic knowledge.

I have some Pololu micro geared motors. One drives the wheels on a micro vehicle, and the other drives a winch (for when the micro vehicle gets stuck). My problem is the winch turns a little too fast compared to the wheel speed of the vehicle.

Both motors are hooked up to the same speed controller on the same channel on the radio transmitter. So, they activate together, once the winch motor is turned on via a toggle.

The question: How do I slow the winch motor down, so it reels in at the same pace as the vehicle’s wheels are turning?

Here is the vehicle in question. The controller just behind the winch is no longer there. The winch motor is now just soldered to the other motor in the middle: … 203/34.jpg

Hello, nigelpheron.

One thing you could try is to put the winch motor on a separate controller (but still on the same channel) and supply that controller with a slightly lower voltage, so that the same command from the transmitter runs the winch motor at a slower speed than the wheels.

- Kevin