Can someone help with using slo-scope. I have never used a scope before, i understand the basic idea but need a little help. I do not understand how probes work. My understaning is that I cannot simply connect a wire to input A or B and then start probing. Does each probe also have a ground and how do I connect the probes. Do I have to buy probes or can I make them? I googled for resources but my question is so novice that I do not know where to start. Any help or resources that will help in hooking up slo-scope would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hello, tillhout.

You should connect one of the programmer’s GND pins to the ground of the board you want to analyze, and then connect A and B to any 0-5 V signals on that board.

There is a GND in the 6-pin ISP connector so if you are working with an AVR board that has a 6-pin ISP connector you can connect the grounds using the cable that came with your programmer. Alternatively you can use the other GND pin on the side of the programmer.