SLO-scope and CPU-usage (BUG)

When the SLO-scope (v1.0.0.1) is just started the CPU-usage is about 1% of CPU, and when the “Run” button is pressed the CPU-usage goes up to about 40-55%, which is understandable.

But when the “Stop” button is pressed, then the CPU-usage is still at 40-55% !?
And I have to close the application to free up the CPU so that I can work with other applications.

As I see it, this must be a bug.

Is this a known issue?
If so, are there any plans of fixing it?



Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ll look into it and get back to you.

- Ben

Hi, again

I just looked in to code that you released (, and I think that the simplest way of “fixing” this, or at least minimizing the problem it’s generating, is to reduce the interval for the updateTimer during “idle”.

So, just add these two lines (706 and 724) to the code for the startStopButton_Click() function.

[size=70]703: }
705: SetGraphHorizontalSize();
706: updateTimer.Interval = 40;
707: updateTimer.Start();
708: allDataPanIsActive = false;
709: saveButton.Enabled = false;

721: IOB.SelectedIndex = 0; // this will uncheck the output-high checkbox and disable it
722: IOB.Enabled = false;
723: sloscope.state = Sloscope.State.Off;
724: updateTimer.Interval = 250;
725: }
726: }
727: catch (Exception exception)[/size]

But, the best way would of course be to stop the updateTimer completely during idle, and only update the window when the user is doing any change to the view, like dragging the graph, etc.