Sleep the Servo Problem w/ HiTec HS-7980TH

I am using a script (see attached) to control a servo that turns a valve. When the valve is moved to the desired position, I would like to put the servo (on channel 3) to sleep with the “0 3 servo” statement in the move_sub subroutine right after the get_moving_state loop so it doesn’t struggle against any load which could burn it out. David Grayson suggested this versus using a power relay that is turned on and off.

My problem is the sleep statement works with a JR Z9100HVT, but not a HiTec HS-7980TH. Any help with this? Is it that some servos respect the command and others don’t? Thank you.

Chuck Lob
Harken, Inc.
H-61395.txt (6.96 KB)

Hello again, Chuck.

Yes, some servos hold their position when they stop receiving pulses and some do not. As usual with RC products, this behavior is not documented. There is more information in this blog post by our company president: … -in-detail