Simple TTL Serial Test Interface

I wanted something which would let me create test commands for my Pololu devices quickly, so I wrote a small utility with preset commands for the Maestro and Qik devices (the two I currently own) and some tools for converting integers to 7-bit words and for working with ShiftBrites.

The utility is located here: … st-client/

I’d be happy to share and expand upon it, if anyone else found it useful. Full source-code (in VB.Net) could be provided as well.

If there’s any interest, please let me know. :slight_smile:


Apparenty the original publish ened up with a blank copy of the commands.xml file which contains the pre-programmed Qik and Maestro commands. Not sure how that happened, but anyway it has been corrected.

If you have already installed the program, please uninstall it from the Windows Control Panel then download “rev 1” from the original link and resinstall the application.

As of this posting, the deployment package located at the above link contains the proper commands.xml file.

Not sure if this is getting used, but its getting viewed, so I’ll post an update:

Beta has been published and includes:

  • Fixed missing functionality on numeric controls
  • Added a few features:

    byte info from response data
    import/export command file

  • Added tooltip help text to some elements
  • Added icons & additional help text to interface
  • Misc. other minor improvements

I guess I’ll continue to post updates as I make additional changes. If anyone is using this, is there anything else you need it to do?

One more update to Beta

  • Minor Fix from
  • Added Qik Motor Controller tool
  • Added Error Viewer, with updated data for Qik and Maestro

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!! :smiley:

Hello and Merry Christmas!

Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us. It certainly looks very polished. I’m out of the office on vacation this week, but I’ll try it out when I get back. It looks like this could be a good resource to point people to in addition to our Serial Transmitter Utility.

- Ben

Hi Ben and thanks for replying.

The program may look more polished than it actually is, lol. With little more definition than a simple program to quickly send pages of command bytes, this has definately been an evolving project!

I’ve kept the app in beta since there is still plenty of room for testing, bug squashing, and general improvement. I still need to add the option to insert CRC bytes (easy with the command builder, but will take a little more thought to work well in the general editor), and may decide to rearrange the interface as the toolset grows. The little help file included needs to be updated with some of the lastest features as well.

I’d be happy to make this available as a “option-filled” alternative to your existing Serial Transmitter Utility. And as I mentioned in the initial post, I could write the project as a tutorial on interfacing with the devices in VB. But I guess the real question is how much inquiry do you receive from the .Net community? Are there enough .Net folks asking questions to make the project tutorial worthwhile?

Anyway, hope you had a wonderful holiday and I look forward to any feedback after you’ve had a chance to play around with the program.

Beta has been published:

  • Minor bug fixes to error viewer button and functionality
  • Additional tooltips
  • Added error indicator on byte input errors
  • Added button to quickly open/switch-to Maestro Control Center

As always, any feedback or suggestions for additional functionality are welcome.