Simple surface mount pcb

Hi Everyone, I am trying to make a very simple circuit and I would like it in surface mount however I have never used surface mount before and I am tearing my hair out about it. The company that would manufacture my boards are wanting £250 to do the design. I have the pcb design in through hole format and I know the surface mount components I (think) I need but I am struggling with designspark to find the parts in the library.
I have never had a pcb made AND assembled before and I dont want to mess it up. Would anyone be able to initialize a pcb file for me with the correct parts already inserted so I can just join them up in the required way. Strange request probably but it would help me immensely.

Secondly I need to use an ATTINY45 and in through hole format for easy programming, can you get a surface mount socket for a through hole IC? - If you can i would need one of these too.
Anyway the parts I would need in the file are:
voltage regulator - 5v:
Capacitor 0.33uF … 4E4F4E4526
Capacitor 0.1uF … 4E4F4E4526
10KOhm resistor … 4E4F4E4526
6.8Ohm resistor … 4E4F4E4526
Cheers guys

Send me email: jmaja.usc at gmail dot com if you haven’t found one yet.