Simple script help

Please help me write a script in maestro language so that a touch of a button the servo rotates 90 degrees, delays a sec, then returns to original position. I must be dumb so leave no details out.


The Maestro user’s guide has a lot of good information about working with the Maestro. In particular, Section 6.c has an example script for using a button to control servos. Section 7.b shows how to wire a switch or button to a Maestro.

- Ryan

I’m clueless. I have no programming experience and the documentation looks like hieroglyphics.
I entered the code below and the servo did nothing. What’s the issue?

8000 0 servo
500 delay
4000 0 servo

I’m using:
Sub-Micro Servo 3.7g (Generic)
Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller (Assembled)

I’m sorry the documentation is not easy for you to use. If you tell me the exact part of it that is not clear to you, I can try to clarify for you. The immediate thing that comes to mind about your script is you are not delaying after setting the servo to 4000, so it will spend no time at that position. Also, you haven’t described how you have everything connected. A picture of your setup would be a quick way to do that.

- Ryan