Simple Motor Driver C++ integration

I am working on a project which uses image processing to control the movement of a robot. The image processing will be done on a Windows 7 laptop (which will be on the robot) using the OpenCV image processing libraries. I am rather new to importing new libraries and files into a project. I was wondering what are the step by step instructions for including the needed code in a Win32 Console Application written in C++ in Microsoft Visual Studio to be able to drive a motor. Thanks for any/all help.

Hello, GabeWalker.

Given that you are writing a Win32 application, I think the easiest way for you to integrate the Simple Motor Controller into your application is to open up the virtual COM port and send commands to it.

Here is some example code that shows how to use a serial port in Windows. It was written for the Maestro Servo Controller so obviously you will have to change the actual bytes that are sent but it should still be useful to you:


Thank you very much!