Simple Motor Controller with encoder/tachometer feedback

Do you have any plans for a version of the simple motor controllers that have encoder or tachometer feedback?

I’d like them to function exactly the same as they do now, but instead of specifying the speed the input would be the required feedback frequency. It may be necessary to have additional configurable parameters for a basic PID control setup between the feedback and output.


Something like what you are describing is on our to-do list, but we might already have a product that could work for you. Have you seen the Jrk motor controller with feedback? It supports frequency feedback (but no quadrature encoders). If that does not work for you, could you let me know what more you would need?

- Jan

I think the jrk would work with what I’m thinking. I had taken a look at it before posting (I should have mentioned that).

I have a couple of the simple motor controllers and I’m pretty happy with them. There’s just that one extra feature that I would like to see.

I’m perfectly happy without it supporting quadrature encoders - as long as I can use an output of the encoder as a tachometer input to the controller.

Either way, I don’t have an immediate need right now - I’m reading the encoder with the microcontroller I’m using and just feeding speed to the motor controller.