Silly question from a rookie

I’m a rookie with the TREX - and mostly a rookie with micro controllers. Perhaps a silly question but here it is:
I’m having trouble finding the spot to download the TREX configurator. I understand how to talk RS232 to the TREX, but I’m not sure how to talk between the configurator (once I’ve got it) and the chip. Is it serial again? Do I rig a connection between the configurator-laden computer and the serial in and out pins on the chip? I inherited these chips. Am I missing some critical connector?

Corbett High School


The TReX Configurator utility (which can be found under the resources tab of the TReX product page) communicates with the board via serial, so you need a way to connect your computer to the appropriate serial pins on the TReX. If your computer has a serial port, you can run jumper wires from the TX and RX serial port pins to the RS-232 RX and TX pins on the TReX, respectively. If your computer does not have a serial port, you can use a USB-to-TTL-serial adapter, like this, connected to the logic-level SI and SO pins on the TReX. The important thing to remember is that logic-level (TTL) serial connections are made via the SI/SO pins and RS-232 serial connections are made via the RX/TX pins. You will have to make a custom cable for this, or use jumper wires. Also, don’t forget to connect your grounds!

By the way, have you looked through the TReX user’s guide? Section 3.b has some diagrams for how to connect a serial device to the TReX. If you have a logic-level USB-to-serial adapter, you want to make the same connections as those in the lower diagram (the one with the microcontroller).

When you try to connect to the TReX using the utility, you will need to specify the COM port you are using. This will actually be a physical serial port (if your computer has one), or a virtual COM port if you are using a USB-to-serial adapter.

- Ben