Side prox sensor

i just put together my zumo 32u4. i am not sensing the side objects when usuing the basic program that comes installed. i can sense the front objects. any suggestions

Do you have the jumpers on the sensor board configured for the proximity sensors? There are two jumpers on the sensor board; one selects between the left proximity sensor and line sensor 2 and the other one selects between the right proximity sensor and line sensor 4. The left and right proximity sensors will only work if the jumpers are installed appropriately. If you have the jumpers installed and it is still not working correctly, can you post pictures of both sides of your sensor board?


i will try to get a picture tonight

Thank you for posting pictures. It looks like your jumpers are in the correct location to use the proximity sensors; however, the soldering on your 2x12 header looks suspect. There are several pins that looks like they are not properly wetting. The Adafruit Guide To Excellent Soldering has some good examples of both good and bad solder joints. Could you try touching up the soldering on the 2x12 header and seeing if that helps?


You were correct sir, thank you so much. Now time to get a sketch to work.